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google decides to kill millions of helpless animals
Posted by tinaleen on 2011-09-26 20:45:46
In reply to Erika Morphy
Google has shown itself to be heartless. I say we all boycott everything Google does since they've shown no regard for pet owners. Shame on you Google.

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Re: Slide CEO Slips Away as Google Pulls the Plug  Erika Morphy  2011-08-28 21:51:30
Superpoke pets demise  BunnyBop  2011-09-27 22:16:34
SPP Closure  SPPStephanie  2011-09-27 12:16:42
Slide  d0e01018  2011-09-27 08:25:44
google decides to kill millions of helpless animals  tinaleen  2011-09-26 20:45:46
This is so sad and disturbing  oneofakind27  2011-09-26 19:41:22
SUPERPOKE PETS  Adoptamonkey  2011-09-13 14:18:47
Super Poke Pets  magicmom  2011-09-02 11:21:32
Google, Slide & SPP - My Story  Wizziehat  2011-09-02 09:49:15
Save SPP  TraceySheets  2011-09-02 00:50:34
spp  Adoptamonkey  2011-09-13 14:20:35
How to ruin a profit making business in less than a year?  SPPPlayer  2011-09-01 20:38:12
Move us to google + or give us to GoPlay  Maryjane_Zigginz  2011-09-01 20:32:03
SAVE Superpoke! Pets( An app. created by SLIDE)  huff2of3  2011-09-01 18:39:37
Slide getting the ax!  zappasgal2005  2011-09-01 17:42:20
Google what goes around comes around.  huff2of3  2011-09-01 18:56:43
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