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Re: Google Glass Should Stay Gone
Posted by willieaames on 2015-09-08 23:40:06
In reply to Jeff Kagan
This is how I envision a world with Google Glass, where you're wearing these glasses, heck maybe 20 years from now it is a contact lense. You're from America, you speak and read only English and you travel to Spain. Google Glass, takes in all of your surroundings does quick ICR/OCR on the signs, and interprets them for you. You look at a menu and everything is interpreted for you, plus you look up the recipe to make sure it isn't typically prepared with peanuts, which you're allergic to. You meet someone else on the street, who also has google glass, you have a conversation with them, each in your native language but google glass interprets their words instantly for you. You get in the car and drive to the next tourist trap, all while being guided by google glass.
You're back home and google glass attaches to your car via blue tooth and you get instant traffic updates on your way to work, and an alternate route.
Later, you're reading your notes for a test or a presentation tomorrow and you see something you can't remember the background to, but you KNOW was in your notes from earlier, luckily an app has been ICR'ing your hand written notes and now you can search through your previously read notes.

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Re: Google Glass Should Stay Gone  Jeff Kagan  2015-03-26 05:13:36
Re: Google Glass Should Stay Gone  willieaames  2015-09-08 23:40:06
Re: Google Glass Should Stay Gone  ssarull  2015-03-30 22:16:39
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