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Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs
Posted by Bill Cleere on 2001-10-03 19:18:16
In reply to Clare Saliba
Diane Tunick Murello of Gartner is quoted in this story as saying: "With firms that have been lax in managing performance issues, ...layoffs also may provide an opportunity to create a stronger and leaner organization."

That inference is nonsensical. HP and many other firms have made noises about laying off people who were "performance problems". Any company which says that is actually admitting that its managers don't know what they're doing. If the managers had been doing their jobs all along, they would have improved the performance of most of the "problem" people and gotten rid of the few who wouldn't improve long before there was any question of a layoff.

Managers who don't view coaching and improving performance as their daily jobs don't even know who their best performers are. When a layoff comes, they make decisions as to who goes and who stays based on favoritism and personal likes and dislikes.

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Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Clare Saliba  2001-10-03 11:51:04
Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Jim Pivonka  2001-10-04 03:12:00
Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Bill Cleere  2001-10-03 19:18:16
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