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Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs
Posted by Jim Pivonka on 2001-10-04 03:12:00
In reply to Clare Saliba
It seems a bit odd to be asking folks to spend money when they hear of tens to hundreds of thousands being laid off each week. How secure can we feel in our personal situations in the face of this news?
The Administration is jawboning the wrong group. Instead of asking the people to prop up the economy by spending money, they should be askiing companies to prop it up by hiring people. The economy will not recover until people see that their jobs and savings are secure.
It is not investment, or tax reductions, that will fuel a recovery. It is profit, and the expectation of profit. And that will not happen until companies, despite the downturn, hire workers, who will then begin to spend, and create revenue and profit.
Asking people to spend money they feel, accurately, they may not have next week, is just wrong.

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Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Clare Saliba  2001-10-03 11:51:04
Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Jim Pivonka  2001-10-04 03:12:00
Re: Stirring Up Unrest with Tech Layoffs  Bill Cleere  2001-10-03 19:18:16
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