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Re: How B2B Sellers Can Keep Buyers Engaged
Posted by ghogg on 2018-06-18 09:02:09
In reply to Richard Adhikari
Buyers are self-educating for two reasons (1) availability of self-service and (2) they're not ready to buy.

It's early days. They’re evaluating themselves and their ability to withstand the pressure of changing. They’re not evaluating solutions!

Their struggle has nothing to do with their needs or your solution and continuing to push product information or challenge their actions and behaviors isn’t likely to help them make those internal decisions any faster. And in many cases, it just causes resistance as you push against their status quo! Whatever is holding the status quo in place is way more powerful than any solution you can offer.

The reps don’t know how to engage with buyers early (those that are not ready to buy) because they’ve never been exposed to these early decisions.

These decisions are never revealed in an active sales situation. They don’t have the skill and the marketing leads they’re getting doesn’t tell them anything about what internal issues these self-educated buyers are wrestling with, how they’re making decisions or what criteria is driving their decision to fund a project.

It's no wonder buyers don't want to talk to reps and why most early conversations usually start slow and end fast.

There is no right message, delivered at the right time with the right pitch/presentation if the person you're talking to isn't able to buy because they can't recognize and understand all of the internal issues they'll need to resolve in order to get agreement and buy-in to fund a project.

In these early days, it's a change management problem not a solution choice problem.

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Re: How B2B Sellers Can Keep Buyers Engaged  Richard Adhikari  2018-06-18 08:21:51
Re: How B2B Sellers Can Keep Buyers Engaged  ghogg  2018-06-18 09:02:09
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