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Re: Google's Gotcha Moment
Posted by jmordetsky on 2003-11-12 14:14:27
In reply to Keith Regan
Whoever wrote this story is seriously delusional.
First off, Microsoft created this little thing called "Shell extensions" so that software companies who wanted to integrate their items into the OS could do so. The people at google aren't genius, Well, they might be, but they aren't for this. All they did was read the platform sdk.
Secondly, yahoo has been taking advantage of shell extenstions for a while. As browser helper objects toolbars and explorer bars.
Google just happens to be the first to "register" a band as deskband, which for you techies out there is really just a matter of registering the object differently. Toolbars, deskbands, and explorer bands all implement the same interfaces, how the shell consumes them is just based on how they are registered.
Competes with .NET? Man are you drinking? That is literally comparing apples to pocket calculators. They have nothing to do with one another.
"out-Microsofts Microsoft"? .NET is for programmers to do their work faster, integrate faster, this bar is to make searching via my desktop faster....It basically affords me the luxury of not opening a browser. May I again mention, Microsoft gave this ability to programmers via shell extensions.'

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