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Re: Google's Gotcha Moment
Posted by BobTravis on 2003-11-13 01:51:35
In reply to Keith Regan
I think Google's deskbar is great but it's no biggie to someone who was using Google since their first month of existence. My browser home page is my own web page and I have featured a Google search bar on my main page since Google's first six months on the planet. Access to Google and all of my favorite search engines have only been a mouse click away ever since I discovered them.
Yes I installed the deskbar it's first day in existence, but only because it loads a browser-less results window, not because I never had near instant access to Google going on several years now. Sure this is very nice, but I don't think I would say this is the card that brings all the card houses down, it is just the next logical next for the best search engine in the world to make itself a little more readily accessible. For me this move did not detract from the attention I give any other search company because for years I haven't used any other search company. It is analogous to the claims of the music industry -- how can I be stealing dollars from record artists when they wouldn't have had my business with or without mp3s. I didn't buy CDs then and I don't buy them now, but if anything I help artists more now because now I can say YES, he, she, or they is/are great artists. It is better to be able to say they are great than it is to say you never heard of them, so if you never had their music in your home and never would have, it is a service to the music industry if you are at least familiar with artists you never would have known about were it not for mp3s. I am close to forty and now I love rap music. Before mp3s I hated it because I had little exposure to it.
Bob Travis
Parsippany, NJ

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