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DELLís Own Pop-Up Kills All the Fun of Web Surfing
Posted by Li-Yan on 2006-08-06 07:54:39
In reply to Douglas K. van Duyne
Dell computer is cheap all right. But I will NOT buy another one, becomes it does not work. Donít blame the manufacturer. Dell intentionally booby-trapped its own merchandise, so that I have to spend 60% of my surf time to clear Dellís pop-upsóabout 15 seconds of interruption after every 10 seconds of reading.
There is a link on Dell's pop-up, purportedly explaining "What's this". But it contains false information about "how to disable it." I called Dell's tech, and spent one hour of my time (and his time) to have it disabled.
A few weeks later, the pop-ups came back. I don't have another hour to spend every month. So what did Dell actually gain? Not another sale!

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Re: To Pop-Up, or Not To Pop-Up, That Is the Question  Douglas K. van Duyne  2005-02-11 12:14:11
DELLís Own Pop-Up Kills All the Fun of Web Surfing  Li-Yan  2006-08-06 07:54:39
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