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Peter Gray needs to get a clue about the product Linden has created
Posted by ManyAlts1Soul on 2008-08-05 11:04:16
In reply to Walaika Haskins
Commenting on Peter Gray's Comment: "Avatars are not people, they cannot be assaulted, sexually or otherwise. The one or two reports of sexual assault on avatars cannot be regarded as actual cases of assault any more than a description of an assault in a book or enacted in a play can be construed as being an actual assault."

There is an obvious disconnect here. What is seen as a virtual world, and yes, I agree that it’s a place where we are still in control, is still a place dominated by the reality of the person behind the keyboard. I have personally experienced this world and have become increasingly worried about the growing displays of disrespect I witness from many of the "role player" in-world. If you spend more than 60 minutes in your “Second Life,” you will inevitably experience odd behaviors. Spend a few days, weeks or months and you begin to experience a meshing of worlds that clouds your mind and alters your beliefs. You feel for one another, you get angry, tired, curious. You begin to push the line of your own boundaries and question your own existence….and keep in mind, I’m one of the sane ones!

I started my virtual life a few months ago and have changed so many times its crazy. I started out with the desire to just understand what it was, started to meet avatars (real people) and chat with them. You start to learn about them as you do in real life and some become friends, others are selected to be family, and a few are selected for more. As time went on, I saw myself evolving into living in world – bought my land, had a relationship, etc. all the while struggling to make sure I kept my feet in the real world.

For someone like Mr. Gray who works at the very factory producing this world to say Avatar are not people is a huge concern and blatant disregard for the underlining humanity that feeds the virtual worlds.

In a sense, Linden and other companies developing virtual worlds are god-like with the exception that they are manned by humans who are certainly not infallible. If they don’t recognize the power of that creation, they should not be in that position!

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