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Posted by mainc123 on 2008-10-19 07:29:50
In reply to alessm
While Google says it is open source, we feel it is only truly open to Google "family" companies. While our 4 submissions to the Google 10 million dollar contest are good enough to warrant our patenting them, we werent considered in the contest, Nor in the release of the SDK. As ONE example, several of the MIT team that received awards from Google are also Google employees. MIGHT DOSENT MAKE RIGHT
Like David beat Goliath, little took on giant Google by taking orders last week for the first Google Android enabled phones(see press release to New York Times and others on front page of website). ZZZphone asks any of its critics, Google, reviewers, or customers to prove any claims made on its website re. the zzzphone are not true.
The fully customizable, 2 sim card, unlocked phone with Google Android beats the G1 and Iphone in price, features, and beauty.
Larry Horowitz, Pres. LHH Holdings (, a Nevada corporation

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Comments on these comments!  alessm  2008-10-17 04:41:20
GOOGLE ANDROID PHONE  mainc123  2008-10-19 07:29:50
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