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GNU/Linux moved the needle in a big way
Posted by pogson on 2009-05-12 04:54:46
In reply to aquaadverse
"while Linux barely moved the needle."

Not at all the case.

In April, 2009, NetApplications showed GNU/Linux at 1.02%

In April, 2006, they showed 0.38%. In that period PCs increased in number from about 1000 million to 1300 million, a 30% increase. GNU/Linux showed a 268% increase in share and about 350% increase in numbers. By any measure, GNU/Linux is soaring.

If 1% were true, would M$ be making layoffs? Nope. The number is closer to 10% in the real world, not NetApplications' world.

The reasons for GNU/Linux success are obvious:

- no one in their right mind will upgrade a 5 year old PC with XP to Vista but they will go to GNU/Linux and see a good improvement.
- the old PCs make decent thin clients with GNU/Linux, too
- GNU/Linux has a good chunk of netbooks
- Vista sucks on lots of PCs especially the first batch when it was released
- 7 is Vista II. Few want it.
- even a 10 year old PC that shows 1024x768 is still useful with GNU/Linux. Guess what? Folks are tired of chucking 3-4 year old PCs just because that other OS does not work on them.

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GNU/Linux moved the needle in a big way  pogson  2009-05-12 04:54:46
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