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My opinion
Posted by sirnh1 on 2010-04-12 08:30:43
In reply to Katherine Noyes
I bought a 60GB ps3, I use like the fact that I can put my own music on the hard drive, so I can hear my own music while I'm playing some of my games. Every now and then I use it to watch a blu-ray movie, but most of the time I'm just playing a PS/3 game on it. I Never used the 'other os' (or the dual boot option), because a PS3 is basically a gaming console, so I don't see a reason to run linux on it.

I disagree with hudson on several levels
"get a game console that also doubles as a noisy, heat-generating Blu-ray player"
The ps3 isn't noisy at all, my wii somehow makes more noise then my ps3...

"hey also removed PS1 and PS2 compatibility"
Correct my if I'm wrong but I thought that any PS3 can play PS1 games, but that they were region locked. they removed some hardware that was needed for the PS2 compatibility, but that shouldn't have any effect on the ps1 compatibility...

- "Lose the hard drive"
I like that it has a hard drive (for installing demos, patches, my own music, etc... and how I am allowed to replace it with another hard drive if the default one isn't big enough). The games need the hard drive. Hard drive can be used for caching stuff, (like Uncharted 2 does, resulting in no install and no loading time, except 20 seconds or so when entering the disc in the ps3)

"Don't toss out backwards compatibility -- you're penalizing loyalty"
Why would you play ps2 games, when you have a PS3? (besides people who have ps2 games usually also have a ps2)

"Better controllers."
Current controllers are good enough, otherwise the 'playstation move' (or wathever it's called these days)

"Lose the 'hard-core-gamer, boyz-in-basements' sexist image."
Isn't the most important thing that there some good games to play? (like uncharted 2)

I can't help myself from wondering how many people actually cared for the feature and how many are using it as an excuse for future 'pirating'. I mean, the playstation 3 is a gaming console after all and not a 'let's see how linux runs on it'-machine. So why care?

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Re: Hacks, Counter-Hacks and the Linux-Free PS3  Katherine Noyes  2010-04-05 11:20:12
My opinion  sirnh1  2010-04-12 08:30:43
Reflection  krunkkatz  2010-04-05 22:27:42
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