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Guess I'm still a geek
Posted by X-Nc on 2010-11-14 21:59:34
In reply to Katherine Noyes
With respect to the list of ten. . .

10. "You have more pairs of shoes than hard drives..."

One pair of shoes and over a dozen HDs.

9. "... and you have clothes to match all those shoes..."

Even with just one pair I don't have clothes to match them.

8. "... and you don't mismatch them 'to be different.'"

Heh, no choice about matching.

7. "You haven't compiled a kernel in years because the stock kernel is 'good enough.'"

Ok, I haven't compiled a kernel in many years but that's more out of laziness than anything else.

6. "You'll upgrade your distro ... some day ... whatever ... because there's more important things in life."

There is only one thing more important in life for me and that's my son.

5. "You no longer turn older machines into file servers 'because you can.'"

How many file servers does one need? I got two but only because the other boxes died and I can't afford to replace them.

4. "You have a Wii instead of a Playstation or XBox."

I have a Wii, PS2 and PS3.

3. "You've never played WoW, Starcraft or any other MMORPG..."

Ok, here's another one I fit. I don't like playing MMORPGs but that's only because I prefer single player FPS games.

2. "... and you don't care."

I do care, though. Even though I'm not a big fan of MMORPGs I still feel like I'm missing something not playing WoW.

1. "You'd rather someone gave you a box of chocolates than a new bootable distro on a usb stick."

Ha! Not even close.

And for a bonus:

0. "You think the nicknames that people give to new releases are both childish and cheesy."

I do think that the distro names are kind of inane, but then they are supposed to be anyway.

I'm afraid that, even after 48 years and techie burnout, I'm still a geek. It's genetic.


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Re: Deep Thoughts on Being a Geek  Katherine Noyes  2010-11-14 21:49:43
Guess I'm still a geek  X-Nc  2010-11-14 21:59:34
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