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What about Roku?
Posted by ramblingjohnny on 2011-01-02 10:22:42
In reply to hairyfeet
Roku is a Linux box that can access Netflix. If they can do it I don't see how a Netflix application for Linux could be all that far away. Plus Netflix is on so many platforms I don't see it being a big deal anymore. When your PS3, Xbox 360, Google TV, and god know what else can access a service chances are you don't need one more box that support it.

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Re: The Next New Year of Linux on the Desktop: 2011?  Katherine Noyes  2010-12-16 07:58:02
netflix killer  jodatech  2010-12-16 21:11:10
won't hapen aaaaand..pointless  hairyfeet  2010-12-20 04:56:53
What about Roku?  ramblingjohnny  2011-01-02 10:22:42
One Word:  hairyfeet  2011-01-02 17:40:34
the ever present question......  Jedibeeftrix  2010-12-16 14:15:37
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