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Unfortunate story
Posted by chadcoffman on 2004-04-26 07:29:35
In reply to Paul Murphy
Clearly, Mr. Murphy's grandiose ruminations of absolute knowledge, mixed with his political beliefs have turned this into nothing more than an emotional tantrum. If no one in Mr. Murphy's immediate circle of influence has pointed out the numerous flaws in his argument, perhaps someone should. Perhaps someone should sit him down and attempt to remove the emotion from what is clearly a technical matter.
Security is measurable. Every single OS has issues and when exposed to 90% of all attacks, any OS is going to break. Windows has issues, and this is being compounded by it's tremendous market share. For some reason, Mr. Murphy hates Microsoft for this market share, seemingly more than anything.
His argument that Open Source is more secure, using the definitions of security vs. obscurity is really kind of silly. In some ways, Linux IS obscure at the moment. Problems with the OS, even the kernel over the last year, have only been able to be downplayed becuase of that obscurity. I'm speaking of market share. Linux doesn't have significant market share and it doesn't have a significant role to play in battling viruses. Let loose the number of viruses and the firepower that has been release against Windows on Linux and we'll see who's been hiding in obscurity.
Another respondant mentioned that "schools shouldn't have to pay for software" and implied that no one should "have to" pay for software. In a world where no one gets paid for software, I'll certainly be a proponent of outsourcing - send the slave labor somewhere else. But what this person should look at is how much money schools generate for the $ they receive. I work for a school and we generate over $16 for every $1 we receive from government funding.
Ignorance and emotion will never substitute logic and reality. I love Red Hat, Knoppix (maybe the best recovery solution out there), OS 10.3 and Windows 2003 Server. And they all have issues. I develop for Windows not just because the largest user base is the Windows market, but because Microsoft offers the best tools. Virtual Machines (like the JVM and .Net), coupled with increasing processing speed will render many OS distinctions irrelevant. And when they do, I'll still choose an OS based on facts, not emotion.

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