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Re: Analysis wrong on Apple/Dell monitors
Posted by moofer on 2004-08-26 14:27:25
In reply to Paul Murphy
The author's analysis regarding the Dell 20" monitor versus the Apple Cinema displays is in err:
"Apple's cinema displays are more than that. They're intended to function at the core of digital production environments. Thus all three models, from the 20 inch to the 30 inch, have things like DVI and dual FireWire ports to enable plug-and-go video recording or media sharing.
In consequence, the price ranges from $1,299 to $3,299, or $600 more than Dell wants for the 20-inch unit, but the additional things they do can't be done with the Dell at any price."
First, the Dell comes with a 4 port USB 2 hub. It may not have a firewire hub, but you can buy that for $30bux, and USB2 is just fine for most people. You've got to be kidding me by saying that a 2 port firewire hub is something you cannot get an any price. Tape a hub onto the dell for 30 bux and consider that the price. This is pandering argument set up by the author at best.
What the Dell monitor does offer over the Apple's is as follows:
(1) Better price--The Dell can frequently be bought for about $700bux like here:
Even the lowely 20" Apple display can rarely be had for even $1000.
(2) The Dell monitor swivels tilts, moves up and down on its pedistal, and pivots. The apple monitor does not really swivel, you must move its entire base for that, which is not great. The iMac does this better, and the Dell swivels much like the iMac. The Apple monitors certainly do not move up/down and cannot pivot. The Dell pedestal is very flexible--and both dell and apple allow you to detach the screen from the base and use a VESA mount bracket to wall mount the screen if you like.
(3) The Dell monitor also has FOUR video inputs while the Apple only has one. The Dell has a DVI, VGA, Svideo and composit video support and even does picture-in-picture between the multiple video in ports. You can move between the 4 video sources with a built in video source switcher right on the face of the Dell. Thus, the Author's mention of DVI as if to imply it were somehow missing from the Dell is bizarre at best and seems disingenuous. Also, for $50 bux you can even add integrated speakers on the Dell.
(4) The dell monitor has superior display specs. Oh, and the Dell 20" is a higher resolution display--i.e. 1600x1200 (1.92 megapixels) versus the 20" Apple's 1680 x 1050 (1.76 megapixels). Contrast 600:1 Dell, 400:1 apple.
What the apple screen offers over the Dell? The following things:
(1) The 23" and 30" have a slightly brighter display 270cd/m2 vs 250 on the dell. The 20" apple display is also 250 just like the dell.
(2) Kick ass industrial design. The apple monitors are just beautiful. By the way, the dell is a nice looking monitor. IT is in two tone aluminum and black, and actually sits well with a G5. The base and side of the monitor match it well. But it's not as slick as the apple monitors.
Regardless, for the price of one apple 23" display I bought 3 Dell 20" displays. The dell blows the apple 20" display out of the water in every way except design. That's the reality. The analysis is tortured to find otherwise. This kind of gross blindness on a supposedly objective analysis makes me not entertain the other arguements which may well be on point.

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