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Re: Apple TV's Pretty, but Xbox 360 Delivers Where It Counts
Posted by jimnemo on 2007-04-09 05:01:59
In reply to Peter Svensson
I'm not sure why the author needs to compare the Apple and Microsoft products to one another. What if one were to simply look at the Apple product for what it is?
I haven't seen the output since Macworld in January where I'm certain Apple was both eager and thorough in putting their best foot forward initially: there were more that 20 screens with separate streams of iTunes videos displayed on flat panel displays.
I was impressed at the Apple technology for taking a compressed video and doing what Apple does best: compromising. Not on quality of the image but on all factors that allow a person to readily license and download a video from the Internet, to their home and onto their TV without having to invest in much more technology than they already have including their new flat-panel TV.
Whenever I walk into Costco or Best Buy (and Magnolia) I am struck by the "quality" of HD images floating on the wide array of screens; as I look closely at the displays looking closely for perfect images I am disappointed that reality still doesn't match the hype; when comparing LCD, Plasma and Projection it is clear none can make up for each of the deficits found in the other.
I'm still not ready to invest in one of these particularly if I can have my pick among a plethora of CRTs being dumped by switchers at no cost as found readily on Craigslist or other sites.
So, I guess that means I'm out of luck becoming a user of the Apple product as well for now...
This is a funny review also: who would buy a Xbox just for this purpose? Who would not have already purchased an Xbox who intends on purchasing one for gaming; they certainly would also know of and take advantage of any video options: leveraging what they have in their investment...?
I haven't actually seen the quality or experienced the download speeds yet but: Tivo and Amazon have teamed up to provide another terrific value-add for Tivo owners: you can rent or own movies downloaded right into the Tivo. This to me is a fantastic idea - so far... It is a total test of the hegemony of Cable On Demand features and the the newest offerings of the likes of
AT&T through Akimbo.
Comparing Apple's product to that of Microsoft's sideshow offered within a gaming console fails to see the Apple product as the connective tissue that links the benefits of their total user experience offering (as acknowledged by the author, here) and another industry that is going to have to inevitably play nice.
Finally, comparing the Apple video quality to the audio contrast between an iPod and a cassette recording is not just the slight clarification: it actually points to the spiral of technology that we perpetually are drawn to.
Maybe the truer comparison would be a home-bound audiophile's pristine vinyl-based listening array to a Sony Walkman cassette player - without confusing the matter with the stationary Vs portable issue.
If we look at the current DRM issue in play we may find answers to questions about the negotiation of convenience, quality and distribution and bandwidth as it will no doubt soon relate to iTunes movie products and most certainly is not unique to Apple's and affects equally owners of each of the products mentioned above.

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Re: Apple TV's Pretty, but Xbox 360 Delivers Where It Counts  Peter Svensson  2007-04-05 05:04:31
Re: Apple TV's Pretty, but Xbox 360 Delivers Where It Counts  jimnemo  2007-04-09 05:01:59
Re: Apple TV's Pretty, but Xbox 360 Delivers Where It Counts  yoshikodixson  2007-04-05 10:41:57
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