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It should be no surprise that domestic spy agencies
Posted by vanax on 2009-02-07 17:51:55
In reply to Chris Maxcer
It should be no surprise that domestic spy agencies just love any new "spying-on-self" technology. The agencies that are allowed to spy, at one time or another, on citizens without their approval first are the following:

1. The AIA: Air Intelligence Agency is an agency of the United States Air Force, which was firstly activated in 1993.
2. Army Intelligence: Shares information with all other agencies....
3. The DIA: The Defense Intelligence Agency was established in 1961....
4. The CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency is a well known agency, created in 1947 under President Truman.
5. Coast Guard Intelligence: This agency's skills were deemed special enough to have it listed as one of the Intelligence Community 16 even though it does fall into the same division and work under the Department Of Homeland Security.
6. The DOE: This is The Department Of Energy. Its goal is to maintain and promote domestic nuclear power and military nuke power and to spy on anti-nuke, pro-clean power protesters.
7. The DHS - The Department of Homeland Security coordinates all of the spying on citizens by all of the other spy agencies.
8. The Department of State - It relies on the Bureau of Intelligence and Research or the INR for intelligence support.
9. The Department of the Treasury - It collects taxes.
10. The OIA: The Office of Intelligence and Analysis.
11. The DEA - The Drug Enforcement Administration has the main objective of attacking and stopping the flow and creation of illegal drugs such as pot in the US.

12. The FBI - The Federal Bureau of Investigation's mission is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats. Are you a "terrorist" when you provide "material" assistance to "terrorists?"

13. Marine Corps Intelligence - It exists to support Marine Corps Service and operational missions in maritime, expeditionary, land, and air warfare.

14. The NGA - The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency maps out the earth's terrain and develops data for easy troop movements world-wide and inside the US.

15. The NRO - The National Reconnaissance Office spies on the world and private property from secret satellites that it launches in secret and tracks anything that it thinks are arms related.

16. The NSA - The National Security Agency uses, in part, your telephone company to spy on anyone without court order.

17. Navy Intelligence - Naval Intelligence is geared towards providing intelligence that will help the US strengthen its armed forces, particularly those of the seas.

These agencies are often intertwined and a part may be hidden inside non-spy agencies. For example, the CIA may open a secret office inside the Dept. of Agriculture to spy on US citizens without court order.

This means that these and other partially or thoroughly domestic spy agencies love any "spying-on-self" technology such as GPS on PCs like the iMac and cell phones like the iPhone, especially when it's developed by civilians not normally associated with spy agencies. This helps them to avoid justifying to congress any new spy methodologies and technologies that it would need to justify should it need to develop them themselves. They also appreciate all of the data that citizens freely give about themselves in such online sharing sites like FaceBook, etc.

So, if you want to offer unfettered information about yourself, how you look, your quirks, and your politics, etc., by all means do all you can to tell us all about yourself on Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, and Lifestream. And tell us all about your friends too, so that we can track them without their knowlege. By this means we can develop a pretty good profile on you, your activities, and what kind of associations you have as well as that of your friends.

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Re: Upcoming Snow Leopard May Put Macs on the Map  Chris Maxcer  2009-02-07 11:04:10
It should be no surprise that domestic spy agencies  vanax  2009-02-07 17:51:55
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