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Tablet perhaps but TV is on the way
Posted by timothyplank on 2009-10-23 06:14:11
In reply to Chris Maxcer
While I agree that the tablet is certainly most likely, I do think a fully integrated TV, or basically a very large iMac, is not far off.

While the initial cost might price them beyond the current TV range, this isn't something Apple has been scared of in the PC market, and their product would offer something no competitor does at this point. Even at a subsidised price point, the revenue through streaming movies via iTunes would be substantial and being first to market would once again make them pioneers in the 'cool' arena.

One market you're perhaps overlooking is SME's, rather than home users, who could both afford the price tag, and benefit from not having to plug the office laptop into the boardroom projector or plasma for every meeting. An integrated display unit adds the cool factor to their company image.

Another device that is surely in the pipeline is a product to compete with the likes of the Wii, Play Station and Xbox. The gaming market must be another natural progression with the liquidity of the App Store at their fingertips.

Exciting times indeed and I can't wait for both the tablet and the TV.

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Re: Apple Is Saving the Best for Last  Chris Maxcer  2009-10-23 05:52:23
Please get my yule gift shipped on time  hembreeder  2009-10-24 15:10:26
I was initially skeptical, but...  johnnyapplehead  2009-10-24 11:09:35
I agree  dicklacara  2009-10-23 13:09:52
Tablet perhaps but TV is on the way  timothyplank  2009-10-23 06:14:11
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