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Tied to Apple Store
Posted by jescott418 on 2010-09-02 05:12:49
In reply to Richard Adhikari
This is where Apple is going. They want you renting all media and not owning anything. I pay a fee for Netflix every month. But I also have unlimited viewing of content. I can do this on my PC. I am not sure why I need to spend $99 on a Apple TV to do this? I can also watch Netflix on Xbox or on Wii. I watch my TV shows for free so I don't need to pay Apple to do so. Apple needs to realize that people have good options already in this area. If I am going to pay for my shows. I might as well get cable or satellite and get a DVR so that I have storage.

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Re: Apple Reprograms TV  Richard Adhikari  2010-09-02 05:08:01
Tied to Apple Store  jescott418  2010-09-02 05:12:49
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