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Google's Koolaid
Posted by Samtech on 2011-10-29 03:12:04
In reply to John P. Mello Jr.
Truth is that Google that has no experience and expertise in operating system technology. Sun, Apple and Microsoft have about 4 decades of experience in developing os. There was no way Google could build this much expertise on its own, It know that the only way it can protect its advertising monopoly and revenue is by having a dominant operating system which it can control. Since it did not have the capabilities to build on its own, it poached employees from Sun, Apple, microsoft and stole their technology and  handed it over free to asian handset vendors. This way it thought it will be protected against litigation while allowing it to extend its monopoly in web services. Google perpetuates a similar fraud with YouTube, where it enables people to upload and share pirated videos and earns ad revenues from them. What is surprising is that no one seems to notice this fraud. Unlike google, napster never directly made money from pirated media, but had to pay a heavy price. It's only fault seems to be that it was a small company.

Besides this farce the other lie being propagated is that Andriod is an open source movement, intended to empower the powerless individual developers, while the sad reality is that it has killed the mobile open source movements like linux and java, by stealing their code and credit, underming their rules and thus destroying their ecosystem.  This koolaid is so intoxicating that it has created a cult of dimwits who will swear that google can do no evil. They will never ask google to open source its search engine software. Imagine if yahoo poaches google employees and open sources it's search engine technology, would google still claim that software should not be protected by intellectual property rights.  But then hypocrisy is the currency narcissists use to deal with dim wits.

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Google's Koolaid  Samtech  2011-10-29 03:12:04
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Stolen heaven  hembreeder  2011-10-28 16:13:49
Stolen heaven  hembreeder  2011-10-28 12:18:00
Hah. Now that Apple is Wielding Patents, People Hate the Patent System.  vanax  2011-10-28 09:56:17
Duh!  macbrewer  2011-10-28 08:23:29
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