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GOOGLE hostile toward APPLE??
Posted by daboochmeister on 2012-06-06 10:21:51
In reply to John P. Mello Jr.
Is that guy quoted in the article serious, saying that there are "hostile feelings, more from Google against Apple than the other way around"??

He doesn't remember the Steve Jobs "I'll go nuclear, i'll bankrupt the company to kill Android" rant?? He doesn't factor in how Apple is in a patent war with key Android OEMs?

Puh-leeeeeze. Talk about living in the Reality Distortion Field.

p.s. I had the impression Apple jumped ship to OpenStreetMap based map inputs a while ago, when Google started charging large-scale consumers for Google Maps. No?

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Re: Apple to Google Maps: Get Lost  John P. Mello Jr.  2012-06-06 10:17:42
GOOGLE hostile toward APPLE??  daboochmeister  2012-06-06 10:21:51
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