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Re: iCloud Is Breaking My Mind
Posted by Chris Maxcer on 2012-11-05 06:05:48
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In the history of Apple applications and features, there's only one that consistently makes me feel like I'm an idiot: iCloud. The problem is, I can't tell where iCloud begins and where it ends. I can't tell when it's working, when it's not working, and when I've just selected the wrong setting. Consequently, my experience is not anywhere near Apple's vision, not even close to Apple's promises. If Apple's iCloud is a Hawaiian paradise, I'm in Siberia.

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Re: iCloud Is Breaking My Mind  Chris Maxcer  2012-11-05 06:05:48
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One Star is Generous  just4kicks  2012-11-05 09:38:16
Re: iCloud Is Breaking My Mind  roedael  2012-11-05 06:49:24
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