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Re: ZeeVee's Zinc Browser Gets Web TV Right
Posted by: Walaika Haskins 2009-04-29 07:16:14
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Seeking to help users organize and view TV content online, ZeeVee recently launched the latest iteration of its video browser. Currently in beta, the new Zinc browser, formerly named "Zviewer," has more than just a new name. Besides new content from existing video hubs such as Hulu, Fox, YouTube, CNN, Jaman, MTV and Cartoon Network, the browser has added CBS and Netflix as content providers, seriously expanding the scope of its online library. Users now have at their fingertips nearly 15,000 feature-length movies and tens of thousands of television shows.

This is a WINDOWS application
Posted by: bugmenot 2009-04-29 07:19:18 In reply to: Walaika Haskins
You need to change the site name, since your Linux content is a minority. This is a crap article anyway for not mentioning the system requirements -- Windows XP or Vista only. More like a commercial than a review anyway.
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