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Dell MP3
Posted by JohnnyRoseboro on 2010-06-01 10:58:50
In reply to Rob Enderle
"I watched what appeared to be a similar lead on the killed Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) MP3 player. Information got leaked, and Apple's supporters turned perceptions of the product so negative that Dell never released it."

Never released? The product was called the Dell DJ Ditty. I worked for Dell Retail when it was released. I sold exactly six units between Feb 2006 when it was released and Aug 2006 when it was discontinued. It was really the award winning Creative Nomad/Zen dressed up as a Dell branded product. So please don't say it was never released. It failed on its own merits - the biggest one being that it was not so easy to use.

 * Topic  Author  Date
Re: Apple Didn't Beat Microsoft, Robbie Bach Did: Apple's Secret 5th Column  Rob Enderle  2010-05-31 06:02:03
Good Data Collection- missed the point in Analysis  roguepuppet  2010-06-12 07:46:03
Lighten up  sonofsquidward  2010-06-06 22:36:29
And the real fifth column is....  Billymac  2010-06-03 03:57:44
Market Cap  Rhomboid  2010-06-01 19:51:15
WOW!  nj_kayaker  2010-06-01 13:37:27
Non-compliane  Azazello  2010-06-01 13:13:14
Biggest load of rubbish I've ever read  dtangocci  2010-06-01 12:30:00
uh, yeah.  kibbles  2010-06-01 11:20:44
Dell MP3  JohnnyRoseboro  2010-06-01 10:58:50
For the Love of God Man ... Arise from Your Bed of Stupidity  aoeu  2010-06-01 10:50:23
Fast and Loose  eXtensions  2010-05-31 16:39:16
Rob, here's the REAL reason!  defender  2010-05-31 15:33:27
LOL  rickrack  2010-05-31 13:29:03
Poor Rob  bennyboy  2010-05-31 12:32:25
So Enderle is a conspiracy theorist in addition to just hating Apple  David513  2010-05-31 11:25:26
Fifth column?  ViewRoyal  2010-05-31 11:08:10
Apple has been the underdog  jescott418  2010-05-31 10:54:15
Paranoia or Stupidity?  jbelkin  2010-05-31 10:33:42
Fifth column inside Palm as well  akitayo  2010-05-31 09:12:47
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