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Re: Getting Android on Your TV
Posted by jescott418 on 2012-09-27 03:56:54
In reply to Patrick Nelson
Their is nothing really on the Android system I care to put on a big screen TV. The Roku I use is very inexpensive and does very well putting content on my TV. If your a Apple fan you have of course Apple TV. I suspect in the end cable TV providers will of course move towards offering their TV content through their broadband service as a standalone service. Not requiring the traditional cable TV service. As more people drop cable TV and Satellite I think cable companies will have to acknowledge that streaming services are offering alternatives already. I can see a day when a person can buy a adaptor like what you describe to plug into your TV to access apps and services. Android of course is a cheap way to do this.
But TV's have already begun to offer these types of services without a adaptor.

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Re: Getting Android on Your TV  Patrick Nelson  2012-09-20 11:21:26
Re: Getting Android on Your TV  jescott418  2012-09-27 03:56:54
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