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Uhh ... huh?? PS3 is outselling Xbox now
Posted by daboochmeister on 2013-05-28 07:02:15
In reply to Rob Enderle
All the recent reports I've seen say the PS3 is actually both outselling the Xbox 360 now, and has a larger installed active base now (e.g. On what do you base your assumption that Sony isn't a player?

Yes, it took them years to make the PS3 console itself profitable - but the same applies to MS, which had over a year head start on that generation console.

And you may want to think more deeply about the implications of things like the Gaikai purchase to the PS4 - it potentially gives Sony a MUCH better backward-compatibility story (as well as broad client device access, that would bring a, ahem, halo effect). Your blithe assertion that people have an Xbox 360 and maybe won't care that they are spending > $500 (estimates I've seen) without being able to leverage any of their previous investment ... umm, a lot of people are going to care, the pushback has already begun.

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Re: Xbox One vs. Shield: Evolution vs. Revolution  Rob Enderle  2013-05-28 06:45:31
Re: Xbox One vs. Shield: Evolution vs. Revolution  priceisrighttaxi  2013-05-28 12:27:13
Uhh ... huh?? PS3 is outselling Xbox now  daboochmeister  2013-05-28 07:02:15
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