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Re: So, Is Microsoft Trying to Kill the Xbox One?
Posted by cvx on 2013-08-13 09:29:12
In reply to Rob Enderle
The Xbox one is a problem that should not have happened. Many like Rob so enthused that the downsides did not occur to them. Play games in other rooms of the house, but how about at bob's place? No? Trade and buy used games? Backwards compatible? Many people wanted to be able to buy a base system then upgrade as finances and need arose. Many people are not taking home 6 figures. Many are struggling paycheck to paycheck.
The restriction on games is a big issue. Of course gamers want to be able to play game on other machines and not have a list of "approved" users. perhaps I want to sell my old game so I can buy one I have not already mastered. Or take the game to a friend's house to play
Since the Snowden affair people suddenly got it about privacy. A kinect always spying on you and your household. Always on the internet? Then once a day? Why? Oh yes so every game got approved? A vast majority want to play games. Many are in the military or other occupations or site where internet service is intermittent, non-existent or very slow.
When hackers can see into your house through the video cameras how long to they hack(if they have not already) the Kinect system to broadcast those pictures of you and family members in undress, compromising positions all uploaded to the web.
Some of the restrictions were to monetize the experience not provide ease of use. The cloud. Yes Microsoft wants the monetize it all no DVD, no Blu-ray Just cloud. Generally the arrogant we know better than you approach rankled. Microsoft messed up.

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