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Steve Jobs is dead
Posted by JDizzle420 on 2013-09-18 01:41:49
In reply to Rob Enderle
"This is like Bizarro Steve Jobs is running Xbox marketing. He's not -- he's running Apple." Did you even read article? What is REALLY sad is that you didn't even finish reading the sentence that you quoted. "When this sort of thing has happened in the past, I've suggested Steve Jobs was likely paying someone inside the company to sabotage the effort, but I'm pretty sure Steve isn't doing that this time -- though if anyone could, he'd be the guy who would do it." It is obvious that he has no idea Steve Jobs is no longer living. Well it's obvious to everyone but you apparently. Do you attack people personally to try and make up for your intellectual inadequacies? I feel sorry for you.

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Steve Jobs is dead  JDizzle420  2013-09-18 01:41:49
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