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Re: Dev Aims to Light the Way for Apple Watch Gaming
Posted by: Quinten Plummer 2015-04-26 20:05:38
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Coinciding with the official Apple Watch launch on Friday, a slew of apps and games are making their debuts. One of the early hopefuls is WayForward, which last week unveiled its Watch Quest, hoping to get a jump on the competition. Some developers have been awaiting the opening of the WatchKit APIs in full before they put the might of their software engineering ability into the Apple Watch. The WatchKit API limits developers to creating widget-like glances, Watch notifications, and side-loaded apps powered by the might of a paired iPhone.

Re: Dev Aims to Light the Way for Apple Watch Gaming
Posted by: dannysloane 2015-04-26 20:09:04 In reply to: Quinten Plummer
Many iOS app developers will sure be challenge to create the best app when Apple's WatchKit API is released. I, too am excited on what kind of game app will be enjoyed on that tiny screen. Let's see whose game app will go viral soon.
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