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Re: Fove VR Headset Locks Onto Your Gaze
Posted by FNieto on 2015-05-29 12:43:09
In reply to Quinten Plummer
The 1st of June GloveOne, another amazing VR gadget, will be in Kickstarter. The haptic glove by NeuroDigital Technologies will make possible to touch and feel Virtual Reality as never before. From rain drops falling on your hand to the touch of the strings of a virtual guitar as you play your favorite song.

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Re: Fove VR Headset Locks Onto Your Gaze  Quinten Plummer  2015-05-21 14:05:58
Re: Fove VR Headset Locks Onto Your Gaze  FNieto  2015-05-29 12:43:09
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