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Re: CES Insanity in 2016: The Cannabis Defense
Posted by jescott418 on 2016-01-05 05:01:11
In reply to Rob Enderle
CES is the technology equivalent of let's throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Remember how 3D tv would revolutionized television? Yea, now we move on to virtual reality, 4K resolutions and smart everything. What we also see is a sort of backwards take of touch revolution. Microsoft's Surface Book a clear cut case that total touchscreen tablets don't really work that great. Even Apple is struggling with iPad sales. Apps seem to be only so good and lack enough detail to impress. Remember how touch would replace all other human input. Guess not. Human's want tactile feedback, real buttons, not touchy touch screens. The automotive industry is quickly finding out that touch is not so great. Maybe CES is more about finding out what not to make, then what will sell.

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Re: CES Insanity in 2016: The Cannabis Defense  Rob Enderle  2016-01-04 10:12:17
Re: CES Insanity in 2016: The Cannabis Defense  jescott418  2016-01-05 05:01:11
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