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Re: Innocents Exposed as WikiLeaks Gushes Information
Posted by: David Jones 2016-08-27 14:49:28
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WikiLeaks reportedly has leaked sensitive personal information belonging to hundreds of innocent individuals worldwide, including some residing in several highly repressive countries.
The organization has revealed private credit card data, medical information, personal addresses and other data of various individuals, including the identification as gay of a Saudi Arabian who had been arrested, and the identities of two teenage rape victims, along with other highly vulnerable people.

Re: Innocents Exposed as WikiLeaks Gushes Information
Posted by: roebling 2016-08-28 10:41:19 In reply to: David Jones
Bogus alert? Saudi Arabia monitors citizen's cell phones. Think they didn't know the guy in the story was homosexual?
Names of people who bring charges of rape, like everyone who accuses someone else of a crime, should be publicly available.
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