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Re: Are Smart TV Designs Taking Home Security for Granted?
Posted by: David Jones 2018-02-20 22:15:00
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Millions of smart TVs from Samsung and some streaming devices from Roku recently were found to be vulnerable to cyberattacks, allowing intruders to take control and remotely change channels and volume settings, among other things, according to Consumer Reports research. Vulnerabilities were discovered not only in Samsung televisions, but also in TVs from TCL and other brands that sell sets compatible with the Roku TV smart-TV platform and streaming video devices such as Roku Ultra, according to the report.

Re: Are Smart TV Designs Taking Home Security for Granted?
Posted by: borisaman 2018-02-21 06:38:20 In reply to: David Jones
Anything with the word smart in it, is not smart. Be smart and get a standard HD TV and connect a computer to it. Currently i am using a Mac mini 2011 model for this. I wanted to use Linux for it, problem is the scanning options. On OS X as well, first off the image is too large and must be scaled down to nicely fit the screen via a slider bar. Linux Mint has this too, until you log out or reboot, then it forgets everything. Very frustrating
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