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Re: Tech Trio Touts 'Supercomputer on a Chip' (Change is good!)
Posted by OldHawk777 on 2005-02-08 06:24:12
In reply to Jay Lyman
"It isn't clear that these devices will never have a place in business systems, which typically do not require rich media." "If it cannot run general purpose applications, it will always be confined to niche markets," Said, Martin.
Martin ... USA businesses in the past never needed many things (I guess, same today) .... Toshiba, IBM, and Sony (TIS) are smart for targeting the consumer market, because most of business (in general, last half of the 1900s) has proven that it is very incompetent at prescience of any sort.
Today USA businesses use all those things they did not need. The TIS great chip will have many applications in the business office. Just as Apple and Intel computer growth was stronger in the homes initially, then business management discovered from their worker-bees and mules using their home computers that a personal computer with word-processor/spreadsheet/email application allowed more work to be done correctly in far less time. Technology has provided for the past 25 years the greatest growth in employee productivity, GDP, and bottom line profit, because employees see the future frequently before business can fathom that something has changed (much less respond to change). Hardware and software companies (1950-2000) started in garages, on college campuses, .... Look at what colleagues and associates at MIT, CalTech, Stanford and others are doing today. GPL/GNU/Linux/... are developing new economic concepts globally with products, projects, and technologies that 99% of business managers and politicians cannot understand (beyond change is bad Luddite BS). US/EU, global business will always be the backseat pundit/drivers of our future.
Games and entertainment as production tools are in their nascent state, but (in 10 years or less) with science, engineering, economic/business modeling/simulations, virtual-reality for onsite learning environments, Avatar Populated Environment Simulations (APES) with mentors and antagonist, .... Waiting for business to move is like waiting for a wet-dream ... go find it ... spend some money ... be more satisfied more often in reality. Business and their ivory towers ... get out of them.
Anyway, tough-luck change continues beyond the control of business and government.

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Re: Tech Trio Touts 'Supercomputer on a Chip'  Jay Lyman  2005-02-08 05:40:00
Re: Tech Trio Touts 'Supercomputer on a Chip' (Change is good!)  OldHawk777  2005-02-08 06:24:12
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