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Re: The New Xbox and Apple's Big Decision
Posted by braktune on 2005-03-14 07:39:47
In reply to Rob Enderle
First, I'd like to point out that when it became known that the xbox sequel would be using a powerpc processor, you insisted in an article that Microsoft would actually be using an x86-64 chip from AMD that IBM would be manufacturing. You were adamant that Microsoft would never forego backward compatibility and that PowerPC was a niche.
Now you're saying MS is going to use the Cell, though I've read no confirmation of that. It seems a little odd that the processor co-developed by Sony would make it into it's #1 competitors box.
And, of course, you find a way to spin this into an Apple Computer death knell. You really should do your homework before concocting these nonsensical rants. The cell processor, while very good for graphics, is likely to be inferior to the Power5 at more general purpose computing. If you were being honest, you'd have noted that IBM has dropped support for the Itanium and is focusing all their energry on the Power processors for their lucrative server business. Cell isn't appropriate for these systems, so I fully expect IBM to continue its industry-leading development of the Power5 and beyond. These are the chips that will make their way into future Macs, just as the current G5 is a Power4 derivative.
So the whole center of your latest "Macs are doomed" effort to generate site hits is built on a faulty premise. IBM will NOT be winding down it's support for the other Power processors. That developement will likely help the Cell since it has a powerpc core, but it won't end.
And where did you get the idea that Apple lost 3/4 of their installed base with the switch to OSX? Sure, maybe half of the 30+ million Mac users out there are still on OS9, but they didn't switch to Windows. You have no way to verify that utterly fabricated stat.
I hope this post makes it past the "filter".
John Papola

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