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Reply: THANKS for "Open Source Meets Capitalism"
Posted by OldHawk777 on 2005-04-08 09:49:31
In reply to Sonia Arrison
Open Source Community (OSC) Always Supports Capitalism
By J.D.Bailey 2005/04/08@10:47:25USEC
> Possibly a GPL of all IPR should be considered. IPRs are smoke and BS when they have no real value beyond the paper and ink. I think, we could develop a GMT-DTG-eSignature IPR system that allows all people, governments, organizations, and corporations to register their IPR and put their registered IPR in a globally internet accessible FOSS database. Then a simple rule would be required that all IPR ideas and contents are GPL for personal and non-profit use; However, when an IPR is intended for use to generate profit by anyone, then a consensus-contract must be agreed upon, which courts would find legally (when required) equitable for all involved participants. Use of a GPL-IPR could not be restricted by the owner (as in automatic use consensus), and the owner would always be legally entitled to equitable compensation for the contribution IPR value.
> Personal use, public University use, Research use, public Learning institutions use, collaborative use, ... would always be free and legal, but use to make profit, win friends, influence people, generate income to support payrole/foundations/organizations/institutions ... without compensating or free-use-permission of the IPR holder would be criminal. Okay, maybe a special rule for the entertainment industry for a one to seven year (with 20 years maximum renewal option) limited-use-restriction.
> I believe, we must support IPR innovation for a stable economy and government (without making kiddy-criminals) to have what we are looking for in our future. This is open-content free-IPR.
> Innovation drives capitalism as an economic system that supports democracy. Greed over the past few decades has driven economics and government for the past few decades. One example is the persistence of old industrial age Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) concepts for real-physical manufacture of patented and copyrighted products. Governments, corporations, and global law/policy organizations continue the industrial age innovation protection and reward for capitalist economy.
> Patent and copyright products are now more in a virtual-realm of reality, until an expenditure of raw materials and capital investment occur. We can continue as in the past, but that locks-up the synergy required for present innovation in capitalist economics. The old IPR industrial-age-way can continue, but the cost will eventually be the destruction of both capitalism and democracy with corporate-political-economics equivalent to communism as more centralization of authority and capabilities occur by dejure.
> The OSC is dynamic and human-centric. I started using FOSS products in 1995. By 1996, I knew about contributions by many, but it all started in the USA with R.H.Stallman at MIT in the late 1970s and (I think) 1985 the amazing GNU General Public License (GPL) 'software as public property', and then came GNU/Linux operating system developed with the contributions of Linus Torvalds in the early (I think) 1990s. Phillip Zimmerman gave US the PGP for PKI while at MIT in the late (I think) 1980s. For me, I consider both Stallman and Zimmerman "Great Americans" completly worthy of the "Presidential Medal of Freedom". Whoops, I digress, from the OSC is dynamic and human-centric.
> Eben Moglen former Supreme Court clerk:"Look, the greatest man I ever worked for was Thurgood Marshall. I knew what made him a great man. I knew why he had been able to change the world in his possible way. I would be going out on a limb a little bit if I were to make a comparison, because they could not be more different: Thurgood Marshall was a man in society, representing an outcast society to the society that enclosed it, but still a man in society. His skill was social skills. But he was all of a piece, too. Different as they were in every other respect, the person I now most compare him to in that sense ... is Stallman." Dang, again I digressed ....

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Re: Open Source Meets Capitalism  Sonia Arrison  2005-04-08 09:36:07
Reply: THANKS for "Open Source Meets Capitalism"  OldHawk777  2005-04-08 09:49:31
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