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Re: An X-Factor for the New Xbox?
Posted by sanjuro on 2005-05-08 08:32:54
In reply to Olga Kharif
Hello, I signed up to this site just to comment the last part of the article. I perfectly understand Nintendo's scepticism about the fuss surrounding the early arrival of the new X-box, the "Xbox 1.5" as Sony describes it.
If you take a look in the history of video games, two of the consoles which offered the most drastical improvements over the past generation of consoles were the Saturn and the Dreamcast, the two of them arrived on the market much earlier than the competition and yet utterly failed in term of sales. And where is Sega now ?
If it was not for Microsoft's cash mountain, the same would happen to the Xbox. Sure the next Xbox is going to be impressive, probably stunning visually, it has to be, we don't expect anything less, but so far it's all about hype and boasting, even Gates sounds like some rabid dog, barking at the competition and imagining the console market is entirely his as easily as the OS market.
Just for this, just for his arrogance and megalomania, people should watch out not to fall into the whirlwind of hype, excess and false promises of Microsoft's next console.

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Re: An X-Factor for the New Xbox?  Olga Kharif  2005-05-08 08:15:29
Re: An X-Factor for the New Xbox?  sanjuro  2005-05-08 08:32:54
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