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Re: Xbox 360: Like Sony and Apple's Illegitimate Child
Posted by frankiec on 2005-05-17 01:57:07
In reply to Rob Enderle
=== I stopped reading the article at the follow statement because obviously the author isn't knowledgeable enough to know the difference between MP3, AAC, and iTunes Music Store AAC ("FairPlay" DRM). [FairPlay could've been wrapped around MP3 if Apple chose to do so. Thank god they didn't.]
=== "It will even remotely pull music (granted only MP3s, because Apple refused Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) request for a license) off of iPods..."
=== iTunes Music Store DRM-enabled ("FairPlay") AAC files might not have been licensed to Microsoft, but that doesn't bar Microsoft from including AAC support LIKE VARIOUS PROGRAMS SUCH AS NERO AND WINAMP.
=== The real question is why did Microsoft choose to support "only MP3s" and not include AAC support, a standard that is vastly superior to the decade-plus old MP3 standard, a standard that is the default encoder on the hottest music software (iTunes)?
=== For the love of god, Apple doesn't even own the license to AAC. http://www.aac-audio.com/
=== QUESTION: Where's the documented proof that Apple refused to license FairPlay to Microsoft?
=== Could it be that Microsoft loves "standards" only as long as the word "Microsoft" is in front of the name?
=== Could it be that these so-called "tech" "journalists" are nothing more than old, washed-up, has-been, dot-bomb shills?
=== (And whoever thinks the 90s-era curves of the Xbox has more style than a Mac mini probably also thinks their eMachine does too, CompUSA is a great place to meet a date, and MP3s belong in this century.)

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Re: Xbox 360: Like Sony and Apple's Illegitimate Child  Rob Enderle  2005-05-16 07:31:10
Re: Xbox 360: Like Sony and Apple's Illegitimate Child  frankiec  2005-05-17 01:57:07
Re: Xbox 360: Like Sony and Apple's Illegitimate Child  bugmenot2  2005-05-16 23:56:25
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