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Re: Is Zune Dead? D'uh - so is Xbox
Posted by jbelkin on 2007-07-24 13:57:49
In reply to Katherine Noyes
As you noted, the most requested feature was a cell - lo and behold, the iphone, only a few hundred dollars more than a deadend zune with zero cachet. For a few hundred more, they get an ipod wrapped around an iphone - two of the most cachet devices in the last 6 years. 70% of Zune users said they wanted an iphone.
Not sure why they keep talking up the Xbox likes it's some great hope of MS. They are in the hole for $16 BILLION in which they will never recover - especially with a product with a 40% fail rate and MS' refusal to recall it. It's the Ford Explorer of 2007. It's dead. The name branding is now equated with a dead console.

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Re: Is Zune Dead?  Katherine Noyes  2007-07-24 07:02:18
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Re: Is Zune Dead? D'uh - so is Xbox  jbelkin  2007-07-24 13:57:49
Re: Is Zune Dead?  jimstead  2007-07-24 07:05:59
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