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Re: Wii Guns for Action Gamers With Zapper Thingy
Posted by dukethepcdr on 2007-09-13 22:03:48
In reply to Walaika Haskins
Nintendo's a day late and a dollar short. One of their third party vendors, Dream Gear, has already released a device that does the exact same thing. It's called the Game Blaster. You put the Wii remote in the top and the nunchuck in the grip. It didn't come with any tutorial starring Link or anyone else teaching me how to use it though. It has an old fashioned little manual that I didn't really need. The only hard part was getting the cable that hooks the remote and nunchuck together to feed through the notches in connection between the barrel and grip parts. It was otherwise easy to set up and use. The trigger button on the bottom of the barrel which lines up with the B button on the remote that you snap into it, is a bit touchy kind of like a real gun that has the trigger set really loose. It does make it much easier to aim and shoot while moving in games like Metroid Prime 3 and Medal of Honor. Sorry to steal your thunder Nintendo, but one of your accessory makers beat you to your "new" idea.

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Re: Wii Guns for Action Gamers With Zapper Thingy  Walaika Haskins  2007-09-13 21:50:39
Re: Wii Guns for Action Gamers With Zapper Thingy  dukethepcdr  2007-09-13 22:03:48
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