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Google stole the idea for "adwords" from Overture
Posted by jake_leone on 2008-05-14 07:38:24
In reply to Andrew K. Burger
It's funny that you meantion Google as the big innovator, but few people know that Google success is due to the fact that it stole the idea of "adwords" from IdeaLab (later known as Overture).

Idealab was created by Bill Gross, a U.S. businessman.

I have interviewed H-1b workers coming from Google. These guys could not answer basic Unix questions, though they were applying for a Unix Software Engineering position.

Google uses job-shops, the same companies that are using up all the h-1b applications each year, for IT jobs.

Google throws away 99% of the resumes that it gets. I have been in my industry for 15 years, as web-software developer (now a manager), using the same tools that Google uses.

I have applied to Google several times, not once did they respond to my application. The problem with Google is with their resume and hiring system.

At the same times that I applied, I have known several people who did get an interview at Google, because they knew someone on the inside at Google.

If you aren't an easy to fire worker (i.e. job-shop contractor), or if you don't know someone on the inside at Google, your chances of being hired (no matter how skilled you are) at Google are practically zero.

It's easier to get hired at Google through a h-1b job-shop, than to be hired as a skill U.S. worker walk-in, unless you have personal ties to someone at the company.

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