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rather bias
Posted by snarfhound on 2008-12-15 08:46:36
In reply to Chris Maxcer
My opinion is that the article is way to bias.

I have worked in the IT industry since 1979 and I believe I own or have owned every major game console that has been released since the mid-80's. This includes the Wii, PS3 and xbox 360. I have six kids and multiple households.

All together my family currently own 4 Xbox 360s and 2 PS3s and 3 Wiis. We play the full range of game types.

The bottom line is that the PS3s are almost exclusively used as a blu ray player. There are just three games (little big planet, drakes fortune & resistance) that are actually played much.
When there is a choice, new releases are bought for the XBox 360. This choice is due mainly to XBox Live. Sony has yet to create an online environment that is competitive with Live. Live adds so much more to the gaming experience. Look at the Live numbers for COD4 or HALO.

Additionally, more recently, we have been enjoying the streaming HD from Netflix via live. A great deal although the quality of the video/sound could be improved upon. Not bad for a
first try.

The PS3 is a good blu ray player. If you want a game machine for the kids/mom then stick to the WII. If you want a console today for the true gamer then 360 is the obvious choice.

Don't let the smoke and mirror commentary confuse you.

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Re: Game Consoles, Part 3: A Peek at the PS3  Chris Maxcer  2008-12-15 07:05:42
rather bias  snarfhound  2008-12-15 08:46:36
One con not mentioned...  jdtart  2008-12-15 08:14:37
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