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Re:, Google Take Baby Steps Toward Integration
03/16/08 7:21 AM PT | CRM Buyer Talkback Forum | 129 Words

OpenSpan ( has just built an interface to allow, not just salesforce but any legacy application, inclduding CRM to interface and collaborate with any of the Google API's. From any CRM package now, you can pull up related "google" docs for that account,...

Google's Social Network Better Than Expected
04/08/12 10:22 PM PT | Wide World of Technology | 191 Words

... to reports, Google Inc. has achieved greater success in its social networking feature than had been initially predicted and has enabled the company to atone for its alleged inattention in assisting their customers to connect with others online. According to reports, the...

Re: First CRM for Google Apps Out of the Gate
03/02/07 12:20 PM PT | CRM Buyer Talkback Forum | 62 Words

We have a completely open source platform with several applications in the pipeline that work with Google Apps. Have look and join the beta:
The difference is that our system is based 100% on meta data architecture (like and it has a...

Re: Capgemini Leverages Google Apps to Cut Call Center Costs
11/20/07 1:04 PM PT | CRM Buyer Talkback Forum | 116 Words

I've stopped asking the question and instead go into Google Maps to pull up the customer's cross street to enter on the order. It saves me time, saves the customer time, and gives the program manager the info she wants on the ...

Google's Koolaid
10/29/11 3:12 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 310 Words

... is that Google that has no experience and expertise in operating system technology. Sun, Apple and Microsoft have about 4 decades of experience in developing os. There was no way Google could build this much expertise on its own, It know that...

What a wonderful Google Apps? Google Latitude + Google Ocean = ...
03/23/10 7:25 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 152 Words

... a wonderful Google Apps? Google Latitude + Google Ocean = Real-time Fishing LBS Contents

Have you heard about Real-time Fishing LBS Contents? We have proposed this Service Model to Google over 4 years ago. Real-time Fishing LBS Contents is Location...

Re: New Google Maps App Lights a Beacon in iOS Darkness
12/13/12 4:13 PM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 140 Words

... you think Apple is a loser in this? You remind me of the generals of the West scratching their heads when the generals in the East don't play by the rules! I'm betting Apple has been trying to get Google to update...

The Google IPO is the “Trust-me” IPO
05/02/04 10:21 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 869 Words

... Google IPO is the “Trust-me” IPO
The pending Google IPO has had plenty of buzz recently, but is it just a return to the silly-season? The founders of Google have been frank in their S-1 about the uniqueness of this IPO, in particular...

GOOGLE hostile toward APPLE??
06/06/12 10:21 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 91 Words

... that guy quoted in the article serious, saying that there are "hostile feelings, more from Google against Apple than the other way around"??

He doesn't remember the Steve Jobs "I'll go nuclear, i'll bankrupt the company to kill Android" rant??

Fair Play for Google
06/29/11 5:42 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 295 Words

... detractors seem to be missing a couple of points here:

(1) Google is a private company. They are not a government entity with some sort of obligation of impartiality. Even if Google were to massage their search results to favor...

Re: Google's Gotcha Moment
11/13/03 1:51 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 329 Words

... think Google's deskbar is great but it's no biggie to someone who was using Google since their first month of existence. My browser home page is my own web page and I have featured a Google search bar on my main...

Re: Google Glass Should Stay Gone
09/08/15 11:40 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 211 Words

... is how I envision a world with Google Glass, where you're wearing these glasses, heck maybe 20 years from now it is a contact lense. You're from America, you speak and read only English and you travel to Spain. Google Glass, takes...

Re: Google Leaps Into Boob Tube Ad Biz
04/07/07 8:05 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 209 Words

... is obvious that Google does not have much experience in the television advertising space. Google is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Over 20 media auction sites failed in the late 1990s. The real solution for TV advertising...

Re: Is Google's Sky Falling?
03/04/08 9:39 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 69 Words

... major objection to anything Google is their penchant to data-mine! From the very first, I have opted to not Google.
Googling brought about the demise of AskJeeves, which I really enjoyed. Google's attempt to Force itself on WEB Users, as WE searched The...

Is Google the New Consumer Cop? Surely it can’t do much.
12/03/10 5:49 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 132 Words

... in this world of 24x7 media, I think Google can do little.

By taking such a step, Google has displayed pro-consumer attitude and an example of good citizenship. But Google can at best remove their websites from ranking on page...

Re: When Will Siri, Cortana and Google Now Get Smart?
09/28/15 3:52 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 173 Words

I pressed a button on my phone and said "Ok Google, navigate to the Four Seasons Hotel". Just a few seconds later, a map appeared with a line from our current location to the hotel.

When reading, Ok Google has...

08/19/10 2:10 PM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 41 Words

Definitely one of the best products of Google. Now with Nexus one it just keeps getting better and...

Re: Reeder's a Comfy Refuge for Google's RSS Orphans
04/23/13 6:24 PM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 76 Words

... Guys,

If what you want is the ability to skim large #s of headlines, organize lots of feeds, label them, tag articles for later reading in one fast unobtrusive "no magazine layout" reader, SwarmIQ is your choice.
Sign up at , click on the Google ...

Re: Yahoo! Upgrades Search in Effort To Counter Google
04/08/03 2:59 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 92 Words

... terms of search capability Yahoo! brings nothing whatsoever to the table to compete with Google. Yes, Yahoo!'s new minimalist design improves the speed of searches and mirrors Google. But at the bottom of each and every page of Yahoo! web and...

Re: Don't Touch Google's Name
04/20/05 11:35 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 78 Words

... the current battle with Froogle, Google has the full right to challenge as the spelling of frugal was changed to appear like Google's."
I agree with the general theme of the article, but just on a point of order...GOOGLE actually OWNS (and develops)...

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