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Re: Novell Buys Linux Vendor SuSE for $210M
11/04/03 4:32 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 131 Words

Dump the little folk that put them on the map (sorry, no more frebies), and try to compete with SuSe in the enterprise market... hmm... they're a little late to compete with the robust (and current) offerings from SuSe.
SuSe/Novell (SNovell... you heard it...

Re: Novell's SuSe Woos Linux 'Newcomers'
10/07/04 8:26 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 203 Words

... matter how much SuSE or Xandros or Mandrake come up with good products, they will always be behind MS :
1. By the time a good version of linux is noticed by the common people, MS will make an Ad and incorporate it...

Re: SLES 10: Not Your Father's Suse
07/13/06 9:14 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 21 Words

Good luck to them, but I'll stick to Suse. ...

Re: Novell's SuSe Woos Linux 'Newcomers'
10/08/04 7:07 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 78 Words

I respect the feelings and opinions of RMS and Linus but if Suse, Linspire and mandrake care about business, they'd better get started at writing a good and well protected GPL hardware abstraction layer and then roadshow it to hardware manufacturers so...

Re: SuSE Releasing Linux 9.0 Desktop Update
10/18/03 2:41 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 72 Words

... wish Suse Linux and others would give more info about installing into a Win98se hard disk partitioned with V-com's Partition Commander 8, before I put out money for it, or whatever Linux distro I choose. I already know Lindows doesn't work with...

Re: Returning to Linux after long absence...
08/28/01 2:21 PM PT | Wide World of Technology

Since I have a small home network and can not afford to, thank God, keep updating Windows, I use a Mix of Mandrake 8.0 on a p166, Suse 7.0 on a P133, Suse 7.1 on a P466, and Suse 7.2 on a P566.

Re: Microsoft's Unix, Dell's Linux
03/20/07 5:53 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 418 Words

Dell would have a great deal to gain if they provided a built system pre-installed with Linux for $100, the same price as Windows, and did what Microsoft doesn't do with their OEM packages: offer the same documentation in the form of the books that come with the full retail version of distros like SuSE. ...

Re: FreeBSD runs Linux apps, has other advantages
10/09/03 2:08 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 1241 Words

<<I suppose my DVD player might have an OS but it's not relevant to a comparison of Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, and Linux-based OSes such as Red Hat, SuSE, Gentoo, and so on.>>
What about your Tivo? That runs Linux. Replay TV does...

Enough about Mac vs. PC
04/16/09 7:09 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 56 Words

For the past four years, I have been using the Gnome GUI on top of first Suse and then Ubuntu Linux and find it just as satisfactory as either Apple's or Microsoft's...

Re: So You Want Your CIO to Switch to Xserve?
04/24/07 1:46 PM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 420 Words

Also worth checking out is SUSE Linux from Novell... which still doesn't kick as much ass as OS X, but is superior to Windows any...

Re: Ease of Use
08/28/01 2:09 PM PT | Wide World of Technology

... Mandrake 8.0, or Suse 7.2. Spend $30 US, and one...

Re: An Indecent Proposal: Microsoft and Red Hat?
03/25/14 10:48 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 130 Words

... course, Microsoft "already owns a large part -- if not all -- of SUSE Linux," Google+ blogger Alessandro Ebersol pointed out. "So, if it's a distro MS wants, they have SUSE."[/quote]

There is not a word of truth at all...

Is that an Advertisement for Redhat?
10/26/03 10:48 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 124 Words

I did a lot of consulting with Redhat, SuSE and debian, and I found often cases, where Redhat wasn't running, but SuSE did. (e. g. RAID-Controller).
“…,and offers more security options…..”
Your security arguments are strange. On SuSE you had a YaST2-Module for security settings...

Free Software is Capitalistic, Microsoft is anticapitalism
05/16/05 5:13 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 308 Words

The founders of Cygnus, Red Hat, SuSe, and all the other F/OSS companies saw very clearly how Free Software can make lots of money and compete in the market place. They sell services and support and software integration, not licenses. In fact...

Re: Novell Amps Up Linux Plans at BrainShare
03/27/04 6:51 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 80 Words

... seemed to give a lot of space and deference to Laura Didio's comments on Novell's SuSe acquisition. She is also the only analyst whose comments you chose to report.
Granted that Novell has not done very well in some areas, but Ms. Didio's...

Re: Memo to Linux: Beware the Desktop Quagmire
11/22/03 1:35 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 40 Words

Mandrake , Suse and many others provide ways to install software on a way that **my grandmother can do it***
I don't want to go further on...

Re: OS Wars: Solaris vs. Linux - Part 2
09/17/03 7:27 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 766 Words

What matters most is "does it work?" And Linux (RH, Suse, Debian et. al.) and Solaris BOTH just work.
Please do the community you report for a favor, and actually sit down with some of this hardware with a couple of Solaris AND...

Re: OS Wars: Solaris vs. Linux - Part 2
09/16/03 3:04 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 314 Words

"I just spoke with Dana Gardner of The Yankee Group who was one of the analysts for this story. He said...

It just good business
08/16/11 9:33 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 300 Words

They have partners in Dell and HP writing drivers and providing the hardware, they have the OSes in WinServer and SUSE, and they have the virtualization in HyperV.

So it just makes good business sense. With this deal MSFT can...

Desktop linux
07/23/11 10:00 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 178 Words

It is getting there, but it is not there yet.

Have a look at the Open SuSE forums on multimedia. The steps that need to be taken to access multimedia remind me of the steps it took in IBM's OS/2 v.

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