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Re: Sony's Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft's Mistake
09/25/17 7:01 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 511 Words

His recent promotion bodes well.

2) Backward Compatability: The stats may show it’s under-utilized, but the Xbox One platform’s addition of Xbox 360 titles – and in the near future, original Xbox games – alleviates users’ concerns about having to hold...

Re: Sony's Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft's Mistake
09/25/17 1:12 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 134 Words

Your basic assertion that MS XBox 1 is "desireable" proves all you should not be covering technology. You are also a terrible writer - making very sense in just randomly inserting random technology companies and some vague business assertions. You either should learn...

Re: Nintendo Banks on Switch Hit
01/16/17 7:32 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 160 Words

... read somewhere that many Xbox and Playstation owners use their consoles for streaming video and don't really game all that much on them. My concern for Nintendo Switch is that it lacks a good selection of titles, lacks backwards compatibility, and it...

Re: Xbox Signals It's Ready to Rumble
03/17/16 1:38 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 29 Words

... those poor XBOX One gamers that think they can play against a CS GO player on PC. Its going to be a slaughter house for the XBOX...

Re: Vintage Video Games Reloaded
12/02/15 9:23 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 154 Words

... have gamed on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The recent move to forgo single player mode in the next Call of Duty series for the Xbox 360 has caused me to rethink gaming consoles. For one, my old games except for...

Re: Appletizing Microsoft: All You Need Is Love
10/20/15 8:17 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 309 Words

Hammer down on Android app profitability.

Connect all the pieces of the ecosystem and show how they work together, Xbox, included. Create some massive Microsoft "smart home" sweepstakes that deliver an entire setup every week for a year -- with...

Re: Apple Doesn't Need No Stinking Streaming Media Stick!
12/12/14 7:23 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 680 Words

And Microsoft doesn't either (the Xbox does more anyway) . . . because I believe that most of this streaming stick activity has more to do with streaming Netflix, etc, than anything truly exciting in the living room.

So why hasn't...

Re: Google Is Not Losing Money On Android/Linux
11/12/14 10:17 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 156 Words
Re: Microsoft Dis-Kinects Xbox One
05/15/14 12:59 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 12 Words
Re: Google's Dirty Little Android Secrets Leaked
02/16/14 10:33 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 87 Words

For Games Xbox is very nice on WP. WP as per my view is a mix Business cum...

Re: So, Is Microsoft Trying to Kill the Xbox One?
11/07/13 11:00 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 135 Words

... Xbox 360, took on the competition and eventually dominated the gaming segment. It has been outselling both the Nintendo and Sony consoles for some time now."

what? you realize that the xbox 360 trails behind both the wii AND the...

Microsoft is a company is decline
10/23/13 4:24 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 93 Words

If they lose the Xbox sales to a cheaper PS/4. I think you can call Microsoft done. Just look at the lack of media coverage with the Surface 2 and even Nokia's new tablet. Apple got all the mainstream press. Even CNN had...

Re: Apple's Sneak Attack on Gaming Is Now in Play
10/05/13 4:20 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 181 Words

They just play them cause they are simply bored, but sure as hell, most of them would rather sit on a couch or chair playing PC, Xbox or...

Steve Jobs is dead
09/18/13 1:41 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 123 Words

... is like Bizarro Steve Jobs is running Xbox marketing. He's not -- he's running Apple." Did you even read article? What is REALLY sad is that you didn't even finish reading the sentence that you quoted. "When this sort of thing has...

Re: Microsoft Sets Oct. 18 Arrival Date for Spiffed-Up Windows 8.1
08/14/13 4:04 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 79 Words


No one wants Win8, and much more importantly, no one CARES.

Windows 8 and 8.1 are primed to follow the Kin and the Surface tablets down the toilet of technology history, likely dragging XBox ...

Re: So, Is Microsoft Trying to Kill the Xbox One?
08/13/13 9:29 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 277 Words

... Xbox one is a problem that should not have happened. Many like Rob so enthused that the downsides did not occur to them. Play games in other rooms of the house, but how about at bob's place? No? Trade and buy used...

Re: Desperately Seeking Innovation
08/07/13 8:31 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 61 Words

Microsoft never had any such ability, the the recent creation of their table and the Zune and xBox were innovative, they were not successful innovations because they did not do the kind of innovation that makes users fall in love with them. The...

Re: Watch for an Apple Sneak Attack on Living Room Gaming
06/20/13 7:58 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 82 Words

... new development: Microsoft took at look at the nasty customer sentiment over its draconian new Xbox One system and backpedalled away from the pit of doom: The console will no longer need to call home every 24 hours and any physical games...

Re: Xbox One vs. Shield: Evolution vs. Revolution
05/28/13 12:27 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 112 Words

... would also like to point out that the XBox One also is planning on making the games locked after first instal so you cannot go to gamestop and simply sell/buy used games anymore. This is a big change in the industry and...

Uhh ... huh?? PS3 is outselling Xbox now
05/28/13 7:02 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 154 Words

... the recent reports I've seen say the PS3 is actually both outselling the Xbox 360 now, and has a larger installed active base now (e.g. http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/446107/idc_total_ps3_sales_top_xbox_360/). On what do you base your assumption that Sony isn't a player?

Yes, it...

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