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Re: Arrests Offer Glimpse Into Hacker Culture
08/31/05 12:39 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 153 Words

... are ***not*** part of the Hacker community. The Hacker Quarterly makes that quite clear every time some idiot sends in a letter asking for information on how to hack their grades, steal something, deface anything, etc. I suspect that is also the...

accidental hacker? how bout watching everyone hacked and cant do anyth
02/14/10 9:21 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 405 Words

... to say but aug 2008 is when a chain of events happened where i was fighting the most advanced hacker system ever seen. each time my roommate logged onto her myspace, it would always come up as someone elses profile. we had...

Re: Arrests Offer Glimpse Into Hacker Culture
09/01/05 11:27 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 162 Words

Wait - are you saying that nobody in the hacker community does anything illegal? That's a bold statement. Unless you mean that they cease to be a hacker once they commit a crime...
Not all bakers are criminals - but some are. Just like...

Re: Think Like a Hacker: The Best Scanning Tools
08/26/03 2:30 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 212 Words

Sysadmins wondering how to justify the cost of vulnearability scanning would do well to spend five minutes visiting to see how more than 30 retail ecommerce sites have reported considerable ROI numbers on their vulnerability scanning investments via Scan Alert's HACKER SAFE...

Hacker Vs Cracker
12/30/08 1:01 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 80 Words
Definition of Hacker vs Cracker
10/15/08 9:20 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 25 Words

As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to make that distinction; hacker == good - cracker ==...

hacker vs. cracker
10/15/08 4:35 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 53 Words
Re: Hacker Drills Hole in iTunes Security Blanket
11/25/03 9:45 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 21 Words
Allan Keyda
Re: How Much Is a Hacker's Head Worth?
11/21/03 6:17 AM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 206 Words

Imagine, if you will, how the Russian mob (who have been linked to many of the bank phishing expeditions in Australia and elsewhere), would treat a link back to them, for instance the hacker who wrote their malware, their website ...
I'd suggest that...

K. Erbland
Re: Hacker Breaches Payments Site
12/30/01 5:51 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 54 Words

I received an email from the hacker but I have not heard a thing from eCount or Webcertificate.

Big Thumbs Down for 2001 eCommerce goof of the...

isp used
02/23/10 4:32 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 457 Words

... service used is altel usb hub. the hacker uses a smartphone and a phone tower. they tried to shut down shortly after april first which backfired. this started to happen by smartphone instant messages saying they were yahoo and lost password back...

Re: Will Security Matter More After Hackers Hit Home?
09/03/03 6:54 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 96 Words

Please think about the terms that you are using, he is a "script kid" not a hacker at all. And even if you wanted to say that he is more than a "script kid" the term hacker doesn't fit, virus writer works, but...

Re: RFID Tech Misunderstood in Privacy Debates
10/31/07 7:03 AM PT | CRM Buyer Talkback Forum | 106 Words

With the ability of hackers continuously find ways around even the best encryption, shielding the chip from hacker is the most reliable and easy way to prevent intrusion of your privacy.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this approach. I...

Re: Mac-vs.-PC Argument Has Taken New Twists
12/14/05 7:58 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 160 Words

You wrote: "While Macs haven't had trouble with viruses, the security landscape is changing fast. There have been some security weaknesses...

Re: Can Lessons from the Common Cold Help Us Defeat Computer Viruses?
02/26/04 9:50 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 130 Words

David Perry... thinks this process is one area in which the analogy between biological and computer viruses breaks down. "A biological virus mutates by itself, but a computer virus does not have that ability,". "Without a hacker changing code, it will quickly be...

Re: Hacking and Linux Go Together Like 2 Keys in a Key Pair
06/01/17 7:40 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 60 Words

Its even better to have him clearly articulate the white hat hacker mission and just how full of wonder the hacker world can be. Thanks for a job well done, and...

Re: What Does Microsoft Have to Do to Earn FOSSers' Respect?
06/06/12 8:42 PM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 109 Words

... don't see a Microsoft summer of code.

Google's mobile app store is compatible with the GPL, unlike the Apple and Microsoft ones.

Google has a few exceptions where they do not release code, Microsoft has a few exceptions where they release code.

Microsoft wields patents offensively, Google does not.

Google tries to encourage a flat structure, encourages cross-department collaboration via 20% time.

In short Google embodies a lot more of the hacker ...

Re: Netflix Move Prompts Premature Antivirus Software Obit
09/13/15 3:21 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 197 Words

It stops the 90% of cheaters who cheat because cheating is easy.

Antivirus won't stop a determined, skilled hacker. Automated software based cheat detection won't stop a determined, skill hacker either. But both will stop the casual attackers dead in...

ActiveX Vulnerabilities
07/10/08 7:23 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 496 Words

To solve the problem you have to stop using Internet Explorer and get a proper browser.

So what we have to do is tell our bosses "Look, IE is reducing our productivity and could allow a hacker to compromise our system"...

Re: Scammers Target Googlers with Trojan Attack
05/02/05 11:39 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 152 Words

i have to say that while i appreciate your article and the fact that you're warning people about a potential threat, but i was offended by your incorrect and derogatory use of the word hacker.
criminals have revived a once common scam--not hackers.

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