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Vivian Wagner
Recycle, Reuse and Employ: Jobs in the Recycling Industry
10/26/11 7:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 802 Words

"Recycling has become a good, solid industry in this country," said Miller. "Americans just expect to recycle, whereas 20 to 30 years ago, you couldn't say...

Jennifer LeClaire
Symantec Removes Rootkit From Security Package
01/12/06 9:37 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 588 Words

Tainted Recycle Bin
Norton SystemWorks contains a feature called the Norton Protected Recycle Bin ("NProtect"), which resides within the Microsoft Windows Recycler directory. It is used to store temporary copies of files that the user has deleted or modified. It...

Erika Morphy
Sony Talks Trash
08/17/07 3:21 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 412 Words

Sony has partnered with a U.S. waste management company to provide customers with an easy way to recycle their old TV sets and other Sony-branded products. The Japanese firm has tapped WM Recycle America , a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, for...

Andrew K. Burger
The Green Technology Revolution, Part 3: Cleaner Energy, Less Waste
12/14/07 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1433 Words

"In addition, HP customers who recycle their old computers independently can get credit toward future HP purchases, which offset most of the recycling costs. HP aims to recycle as much as 1 billion pounds of hardware and supplies in 2007," he said.

Gene J. Koprowski
Industry Welcomes EPA's Plan for PC Monitor Disposal
07/29/06 1:30 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 626 Words

"Currently, businesses and other organizations that recycle or dispose of their CRTs are confused about the applicability of hazardous waste management requirements to their computer or television monitors," the agency said in a statement. Revising the regulations will "encourage opportunities to safely...

Andrew K. Burger
A Recycled Laptop's Journey, Part 1: Exporting Toxic Waste
01/03/08 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1801 Words

It's a high tech product -- just keeping in mind how much energy and resources are needed to produce, use and then dispose of and recycle them -- but we must ensure that they are designed, built and disposed of in ways that...

Pam Baker
Giving Electronic Rejects a Second Chance
04/05/11 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1387 Words

Sometimes, stores will recycle for free if the device is a trade-in or was purchased from that store initially. Other times, stores will handle your digital debris for free if it is of a certain brand -- regardless of where it was purchased.

Jennifer LeClaire
EBay Attacks 'E-Waste' with Electronics Recycling Program
01/07/05 11:03 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 602 Words

Available Options
Visitors also will have access to information on the options available to reuse or responsibly recycle computers, along with access to a full range of responsible product disposition options -- including services provided by Rethink Initiative participants.


Walaika Haskins
The Greening of Technology
04/21/07 1:30 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1661 Words

While lawmakers around the world wrangle over car and factory emissions, international treaties, fossil fuels and the promotion of alternative energy, there are simple steps individuals and businesses can take to conserve energy and responsibly recycle their computers and other electronic devices.


Fred J. Aun
Trashed Silcon Wafers Find a Place in the Sun
10/30/07 11:03 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 694 Words

IBM plans to share details of the process with others in the industry who want to recycle their silicon and is in the process of implementing the procedure at its East Fishkill, N.Y,. semiconductor fab.

The process is one that should...

Andrew K. Burger
A Recycled Laptop's Journey, Part 2: Doing the Job Right
01/10/08 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 742 Words

He wants to recycle it and he gets lucky, or is clued-in about the shady global trade in e-waste, and he finds an honest, ethical PC recycler in his area that's going to do the job right. The laptop will likely follow a...

Jack M. Germain
Green Tech and Greenbacks: The Money Case for Eco-Friendly Computing
04/12/08 4:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 1126 Words

Business Drivers
The move to green computing in business is being pushed somewhat by the equipment recycle process. For instance, Lenovo's customers often mention that they no longer need large desktops. Tower computers are becoming a thing of the past,...

Jack M. Germain
HP's New Eco-Friendly Printer Push
05/22/08 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 906 Words

HP's fourth environmental goal is to recycle more than 250 million HP inkjet and LaserJet cartridges by the fall of 2008. This is an increase of 25 percent in less than one year, Codd said.

Shrinking Footprint
Enterprise customers...

JR Raphael
Your Electronics Trash Is Best Buy's Treasure
06/02/08 1:45 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 640 Words

"Right now, less than 10 percent of people in the United States actually recycle cell phones," said Angela Beaubien, manager of marketing for ReCellular, the company that handles all cell phones from Best Buy's kiosk recycling program.

"Over 130 million cell...

Jim Offner
Responsible E-Disposal: Attacking the E-Waste Blight
01/13/09 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1276 Words

"Generally, it is best to properly erase the hard drive or to assure that it will be shredded before sending a PC anyplace for disposal to protect your identity," he cautioned. "And there are a number of companies that will recycle cell...

Ned Madden
Green IT, Part 2: The Orange Greenhouse
02/17/09 4:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 1770 Words

In addition, Ingram Micro offers a "Go Green" outlet program that provides a simple and responsible way to retire customers' old IT equipment (Refresh IT), an online tool for upgrading outdated equipment with new technology (Trade-Up), and an offering that lets solution providers collect and recycle ...

Richard Adhikari
UN: Tidal Wave of E-Waste Poisoning Developing Nations
02/22/10 11:41 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 939 Words

Snohomish County, Wash., for example, encourages residents to recycle their old refrigerators with a US$30 reward for each appliance turned in. The program is aimed at reducing energy consumption, and has recycled 23,000 refrigerators since it was launched in 2004, Neil Neroutsos,...

Richard Adhikari
IBM Sees Visions of Holographic Cellphones Within 5 Years
12/28/10 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1054 Words

Hot Air Isn't Just for Politicians
IBM is also researching ways to recycle the heat generated by enterprise data centers.

Up to 50 percent of the energy consumed by data centers goes toward cooling. However, IBM has developed on-chip...

Peter Suciu
The Perplexing Carbon Fiber Repurposing Problem
09/18/12 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 951 Words

It won't degrade, and it is extremely difficult to recycle.

The reason is that once it is in its product form, it needs to be chopped up to be recycled. The strength of the material is actually in the fact that...

Peter Suciu
Hot Off the 3D Presses: A New Generation of Fitness Equipment
09/17/13 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1244 Words

Reduced Waste
One issue that 3D printing does face is that it currently isn't easy to recycle the finished product, which is made up of layers of material.

"Our hope is to reduce waste in our production process," Marks...

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