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Top 3 E-Commerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019
01/22/19 8:33 PM PT | E-Commerce Times Talkback Forum | 76 Words

In 2019, artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, virtual reality are going to present an impact on the businesses. E-commerce Virtual Assistants provide data security required for the easy running of an E-Commerce Businesses and also act as dedicated project manager for an E-commerce Business,...

Re: Virtual Reality Makes Leaps and Bounds at CES 2015
01/08/15 8:40 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 124 Words

... I the only one that has absolutely zero desire for 3D TVs and virtual reality? I've been gaming for over 30 years and stay on top of tech and even do 3D modeling for game-ready assets, but I just can't see myself...

Re: Fove VR Headset Locks Onto Your Gaze
05/29/15 12:43 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 53 Words

The haptic glove by NeuroDigital Technologies will make possible to touch and feel Virtual Reality as never before. From rain drops falling on your hand to the touch of the strings of a virtual guitar as you play your favorite song.

Re: Tech Trio Touts 'Supercomputer on a Chip' (Change is good!)
02/08/05 6:24 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 337 Words

Waiting for business to move is like waiting for a wet-dream ... go find it ... spend some money ... be more satisfied more often in reality. Business and their ivory towers ... get out of them.
Anyway, tough-luck change continues beyond the...

Re: Gaming Industry Peddles Murder-Ware to Teens
01/05/05 5:18 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 266 Words

... we live in a world were some irresponsible must be stopped as they bring to our child the biggest shit ever made : virtual reality violent games featuring mafias, violence, murder and such stuff which became with the advanced technology of today...

Re: Ready Player One and the Troubled Future of VR
01/04/18 11:27 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 31 Words

... innovation advances, virtual reality gaming equipment has developed to the point that VR headsets offer an incredible exerience with little slack or sickness, two regions that had displayed issues...

Re: CES Insanity in 2016: The Cannabis Defense
01/05/16 5:01 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 133 Words

Remember how 3D tv would revolutionized television? Yea, now we move on to virtual reality, 4K resolutions and smart everything. What we also see is a sort of backwards take of touch revolution. Microsoft's Surface Book a clear cut case that total touchscreen...

Re: Is This VR's Mainstream Moment?
11/24/15 6:53 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 211 Words

... some reason technology companies seem to think people are obsessed with 3D and virtual reality experiences? Maybe because they have little else to focus on improving and are desperate to create a new market. We have seen Halolens from Microsoft too which...

Re: Gadget Ogling: Wrist-Saving Keyboards, Resource-Saving Smartphones and New Angles on Reality
06/21/15 4:09 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 78 Words

Why do no portable devices capable of two-handed touch typing (w/out an external keyboard), for example tablets w/ virtual keyboards, or laptops, or hybrids, have full cell phone functionality--VOICE and data, built in? Sure you can get cell data access, but no voice.

Re: The Incredible Shrinking Technology
04/26/14 1:09 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 436 Words

Someday perhaps immersive gaming will be a virtual reality that interfaces directly with the brain, where the body is immobilized. But that is a long way off and even in that safety and health concerns will be an...

Re: Reuters Opens Virtual News Bureau in 'Second Life'
10/16/06 10:11 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 113 Words
Re: iPod Distraction: A Growing Road Hazard
11/21/06 9:20 AM PT | MacNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 222 Words

What cell phones and music players have in common is how convenient they make it for their users to detach from reality (and, given its connotation in the drug world, the noun "user" seems more appropriate than ever). This, of course, goes hand-in-glove...

Peter Gray needs to get a clue about the product Linden has created
08/05/08 11:04 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 375 Words

What is seen as a virtual world, and yes, I agree that itís a place where we are still in control, is still a place dominated by the reality of the person behind the keyboard. I have personally experienced this world and have...

Unfortunate story
04/26/04 7:29 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 379 Words

Ignorance and emotion will never substitute logic and reality. I love Red Hat, Knoppix (maybe the best recovery solution out there), OS 10.3 and Windows 2003 Server. And they all have issues. I develop for Windows not just because the largest user...

Reply: THANKS for "Open Source Meets Capitalism"
04/08/05 9:49 AM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 628 Words

> Patent and copyright products are now more in a virtual-realm of reality, until an expenditure of raw materials and capital investment occur. We can continue as in the past, but that locks-up the synergy required for present innovation in capitalist economics.


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