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Katherine Noyes
Linux and Apple: Which Is the Lemon, Which Is the Lemonade?
08/23/12 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1013 Words

"If you are planning to buy one of the new Apple MacBook Pro notebooks with a Retina Display for use under Linux, hold off on your purchase," warned Phoronix's Michael Larabel in a review last week.

'Linux Is a Lemon'

Katherine Noyes
Linux, Microsoft and the Juicy Office Rumor
02/19/13 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1414 Words

Case in point? Oh, it's a juicy one: "Microsoft is having a 'meaningful look' at a full Linux port of Office thanks to Linux showing signs of commercial viability on the desktop," in the words of Phoronix writer Michael Larabel , who claimed...

Katherine Noyes
Canonical Teaches Ubuntu to Phone Home Every Day
08/19/10 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1035 Words

"This information will obviously be valuable to see whether customers are keeping around their Ubuntu installations or just wiping them and just how often Ubuntu is being used on these systems," Phoronix's Michael Larabel pointed out.

Plus, "for those not wanting...

Katherine Noyes
Who Will Show Up to Linux's Steam-Powered Playground?
05/17/10 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 779 Words

So it was with great glee and excitement last week that the community learned that the Steam content delivery platform and source engine are coming to Linux in the not-too-distant future! 'A Reason to Rejoice' "The day has finally come and Linux gamers around the world have a reason to rejoice, as this is the biggest news for the Linux gaming community that sees very few tier-one titles," wrote Michael Larabel ...

Katherine Noyes
The Karmic Koala and the Linux Port of the World of Goo
02/23/09 4:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1105 Words

"From our initial testing of this game on Linux, even with running the physics simulations on the processor, the physics are excellent and among the best we have seen in any Linux game," reviewer Michael Larabel wrote. "When it comes to the...


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